Rabat – Al Akhawayn University In lfrane is continuing to encourage critical thinking and conceptual development through its multidisciplinary conferences. The School of Humanities and Social Science at the university is hosting the “Social Sciences and Dynamics of Change and Continuity in Morocco” conference on 23-24 May.This will be the second annual Social Sciences Conference held at Al Akhawayn University; the first of which was highly successful. This year, the university hopes to raise new and more sophisticated theoretical questions.Attendees of the conference will discuss the relationships between “change” and “continuity” as well as “modernity” and “tradition.” The goal of the conference is to explore the dichotomy between these phrases through analysis of human development, economic development, information technologies, legal studies, politics, youth and cultural changes, and international politics.The seminar will attempt to explain Morocco’s socio-economic in both youth and culture changes through the exploration of the relationships and differences between conflicting concepts. read more