first_img He continued: “So I am not thinking about myself. It’s to see the youths really prevail. So it is not the issue of Arnett Gardens’ internal problems why I am saying this. I am doing this on my own terms.” On Thompson’s Facebook page, many comments suggest that he will return home to assist struggling Boys’ Town, who are floundering at the foot of the table. Others say he may go to Waterhouse FC to help new coach Glendon ‘Admiral’ Bailey lift that team from relegation troubles, but Thompson says that we will just have to wait and see. “Options have been presented, but I always want to win. I still think Arnett have a team to win the Premier League. We just have to fit things in, and sometimes you have to do things to really get the reaction from players. But we will be looking at how we can improve as we are looking in the direction where we belong. “But I have to look into things and be realistic. It (move) might be a possibility and it might not be. We just have to wait and see. But when the time come, you will know,” he said. ON HIS OWN TERMS Oneil ‘Bigga’ Thompson’s recent Facebook post that read “think I am going to leave Arnett Gardens in a few weeks” has been much cause for concern among Arnett Gardens fans, while another set of supporters are hoping the big centre-half will be joining their club. Thompson left his hometown club Boys’ Town FC for Trench Town rivals Arnett in January 2013. After four years playing at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex, the 33-year-old told The Gleaner that he would not mind taking his experience and leadership elsewhere. Since making the post, Thompson said that he has been flooded with offers, but he is still undecided if he will leave the 2014-2015 champions in the January transfer window.. “It’s a general statement. Sometimes, you have to take time out to address some concerns when things are going the way it is. But it all depends on the position you are in at time when you are making that statement as things can change. But I have not confirmed anything as yet, I haven’t really spoken to any other teams, but a few people have called me and are interested in the development of their team. “So where football is concerned, it’s about helping football in the country, not just your team, because one team alone cannot help the football in the country,” he commented. The recent players’ pay cut that has unsettled Arnett Gardens over the last month or so has not influenced Thompson’s decision to look at other options. “I am not affected by the changes. It might impact how we (the club) go about things. But in every organisation, you have changes and transformation. But I do not worry about money in a certain sense. I just like to know that I contribute and help the youths excel.”last_img read more