first_imgLet’s say you’re blasting down the freeway on your Ducati, weaving through traffic as you pretend you’re a hybrid of James Dean and Ryan Gosling’s character in Drive – you know, your typical commute. Suddenly somebody calls you. At 120 mph, you realize that fishing your phone out of those skin-tight leather pants will probably spell your doom. Looks like you’ll just have to let it go to voicemail – unless of course you’ve got a pair of Beartek gloves.These high-tech hand warmers give you the ability to control your smartphone via Bluetooth commands that you perform with your fingers. Each glove is outfitted with six contact points that are activated whenever you touch them with your thumb, thereby eliminating the need for you to whip your phone out to answer/decline phone calls or control your music. To be fair, none of this stuff is very useful unless you’re also rocking a pair of Bluetooth headphones, but if you’re going to invest in some terminator-style tech like this, you might as well go all-out.Chances are good you’ve heard about these gloves before – the Kickstarter campaign that launched them got a fair amount of coverage on tech blogs last year. So why are we writing about them now? Because Blue Infusion Technologies has finally finished their first production run and is ready to ship the gloves to consumers this March. You can actually buy them now! Check out their site and you’ll find two different models of the glove, one for snowsports and another for motorsports. They’re both waterproof and extremely durable, but the Moto model features pre-curved fingers because it’s safe to assume you’ll be gripping either handlebars or a steering wheel while you use them.Check out Blue Infusion’s site to get your hands on (or in) a pair. The Best Travel and Adventure Documentaries on Netflix Right Now Editors’ Recommendations Save Your Eyes from the Scourge of the Screens with the Best Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses for Men Pro Chefs Dish on the Perfect Seven-Layer Dip Recipes How to Build Your Own Home Gym for Under $350 10 Best Crime Documentaries on Netflix Right Now last_img read more