first_img Nothing But Thieves Each week, a leading band or musician takes our very special talkSPORT Q&A. In the hot-seat today, Joe from Nothing But Thieves…1) What’s your favourite talkSPORT show and why?Before the band got a bit bigger I had loads of jobs, one of which was delivery driver. I used to listen to the match coverage on talkSPORT all the time. It made it much more bearable! 2) talkSPORT gives you your own show, what’s it’s called and what’s it about?Transfer Tips – I’m a sucker for all the transfer gossip, especially in the summer. I usually wind up getting in a routine of waking up and checking all the transfer news before I do anything else. 3) Who are the greatest football team in the land?“AND IT’S ARSENAL… ARSENAL FC… WE’RE BY FAR THE GREATEST TEAM… THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN…” (Three guesses who I support…?) 4) Who is the most rock ‘n’ roll player playing the beautiful game right now?I’m gonna have to go with Balotelli. Setting off fireworks in your own bathroom is a step up from the classic throwing the TV out of a hotel window, isn’t it? Mind you, Tomas Rosicky is a close second because I hear he loves metal and he definitely has the hair for it. 5) If you were put in charge of the pre-match entertainment for the FA Cup final at Wembley, what band do you want playing live?I would love another Led Zep reunion. Them playing Kashmir or Immigrant Song would be incredible and definitely set the crowd off. (But if anyone’s asking, we can move a few things around and make ourselves available).6) Who’s gonna sing the National Anthem?Kanye West. 7) What track are the players walking down the tunnel and onto the pitch to?I’ve always loved All My Life by Foo Fighters. Failing that, give them the Rocky theme tune. 8) What’s on the stereo in the dressing room to psyche the players up?You’re bombarding these players with a lot of music y’know… Let the lads concentrate for a bit, Arsenal have got another FA Cup to win!9) You build your own rock ‘n’ roll five-a-side team, who’s in it?I’ll have Serge from Kasabian – he must be in everyone’s team! It’s a shame I can’t choose Boris Johnson too, I could watch him play football for hours. I’d also go with Liam Gallagher, Damon Albarn (those two in a team together would provide a bit of in-team competition), Brian Johnson because he’s a huge Geordie and I wanna meet him. Oh, and I suppose me because it’d be a right laugh. 10) You get to pick one footballer to work as roadie with your band. Who is it and what do you have them doing?I actually met Wojciech Szcz?sny a couple of weeks ago and he was a top bloke, so probably him. He’s a big guy so I’d get him to help with all the loading in, and loading out. He’d be great for raising morale, too. 11) What’s going on with the band/for you as an artist at the moment? Our album’s all finished now and is due to come out in August. Festival season is coming up so just trying to get on as many of those as possible really! Then back out on our own tour around the album. 2015 for us is just about playing as many gigs as possible. Cheers for the interview! Check out Nothing But Thieves’ new single ‘Ban All Music’ 1last_img read more