first_imgThe video has now gained almost 400,000 views and 3,000 shares since it was uploaded on Sunday.According to Avalanche Canada, conditions are currently ‘considerable’ for slides in most of the Rockies. At the end of January, five Albertan snowmobilers were killed in an avalanche near McBride, which is also situated in the Rockies. While he chose Bullmoose Mountain because he heard it seemed to have less of a risk for slides, he admits he was mistaken when he assumed conditions were ideal.“I didn’t really assess the terrain quite as well as I should have.”Freeman told CTV News he had watched some avalanche safety courses online, but acknowledges that it isn’t the same as training. A life-long snowmobiler, he said he started sledding in the mountains about ten years ago.While he’s still coming to grips with what happened, he almost didn’t upload the video as he didn’t want to worry family members.Advertisement Okay here it is. There was an incident yesterday, and we didn’t want to share as to not worry our families. After much discussion, we decided that the information is too important to not share with present, and future, sledders. I am not an inexperienced rider, and this slope had no indicators that it might let go. There was no overhang, and the trees were not bent and stripped like you normally associate with slides. This is right beside the other video of me climbing, but the vertical rock face was blown in solid as you can see in the video. This event has realigned my approach to climbing, and I hope that everyone can take away something from my experience. This was very close.Posted by Terence G Freeman on Sunday, February 7, 2016 Terry Freeman was snowmobiling on Bullmoose Mountain — between Chetwynd and Tumbler Ridge — when he said he got separated from the main group. He was doing a low-incline climb when the slope started to slide.“I kind of got caught up in the moment,” Freeman told Global News. “At first I didn’t know why I was slowing down.”- Advertisement -“I was so convinced that it wasn’t going to slide that I initially thought a big crevasse had opened in front of me,” he continued. It was then he realized he was sliding down the hill and kicked his feet into the snow to stay put.Advertisement TUMBLER RIDGE, B.C. — An Alberta man had a very close brush with an avalanche last weekend, and filmed all of it.last_img read more