first_imgIS IT TRUE that a couple of old Republican buddies have become adversaries in Vanderburgh County in the last week?…longtime Republican Party Chairman Wayne Parke has publicly called out County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave for her role in the shenanigans over at Burdette Park?…Parke went so far as to call for Musgrave to resign her role as County Commissioner for all of this hubbub?…Musgrave scoffed and laughed at the proposition of her doing as Mr. Parke commanded?…Musgrave has always been a thorn in the side of the old boy network and has at times been in the crosshairs of Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and even was prone to infuriating former Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfwl when he was busy spending money we didn’t have to do projects we didn’t need?…sometimes this is what happens when one works for the public good and not for party bosses?…the nonsense at Burdette Park was a wrong move on Musgrave’s part but it is one of a few mistakes that she has made in her public service?…we are told when the Party bosses call for one to be ousted, it usually means they may be doing something right?  …Its time for our County officials to move beyond the Burdette Park hubbub and start focusing on economic development and quality of life issues? .IS IT TRUE that the NCAA Division 2 basketball Elite Eight is coming back to Evansville for a four year run starting in 2019?…the official host will be the University of Southern Indiana and the venue selected is the Ford Center?…the criteria for choosing the location must not be based on past attendance because Ford Center’s record for drawing crowds is not very good for national sporting events?…this years “BIG TIME” conference championships drew less than 1,000 people per session and there is no reason to believe that the Division 2 National Elite Eight will do any better?…the CCO does welcome the tournament to town but respectfully suggests that the PAC Center on the USI campus would be better venues?…a smaller gym would make a better place for a sparsely attended group of games for the players?…we will all be treated to a nationally televised championship game held in what will look like a completely empty hockey rink that seats 10,000 telling the world about the limited interest that Evansvillians really have in such games?IS IT TRUE our most recent  “Readers Poll” asked the question “Do you feel that the City Council Finance Chairman Dan McGinn needs to sit the record straight concerning the true financial status of the City’ generated the following responses”?  …that 314 people voted on this non-scientific but trendy poll?  …a whooping 314 people voted “yes”?  …a mere 3 people voted “No” and 9  people had “No Idea”?  …if we were City Council Finance Chairman Dan McGinn we would  be extremely concerned by this vote?  … Mr. McGinn would be politically wise if he would give an accurate report on the current financial condition of the city in the upcoming budget hearings?IS IT TRUE that the Union contract negotiations between the City of Evansville and members of the Police and Fire are at an impasse?  …we wonder how the City can negotiate with the Police and Fire Unions in good faith when they don’t have the money to contribute to any reasonable salary increases in their new contact?IS IT TRUE that District 49 State Senate candidate Brady Hall announced a change for the Hoosiers for Hall campaign kick-off, event and invites members of the press and supporters to Lamasco Bar & Grill on 1331 W. Franklin Street, Evansville, Indiana 47710 on Thursday April 27th at 6pm?  …Hall claims that “Due to the enormous amount of support we’ve received since the media release, we decided we would need room to accommodate as many supporters as possible.” Hall said of the venue change?  …Hall also added, “Besides, the media and everyone else should be focused on Guns and Hoses, we don’t want our campaign to be a distraction from our great firefighters and police officers.”  …we think Mr. Hall made a wise decision to change the time, place and date for his formal announcement?FOOTNOTE: We just posted ‘Readers Poll” question:: Do you feel that County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave should heed GOP Chairman Wayne Parke call for her to resign? FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img