first_img“Croatia has one of the most beautiful coasts in the world and our idea was to allow guests who arrive on that coast to stay, not only in the first row to the sea, as they could before, but also in the first row at sea. Floating houses have long been a common way to have a pleasant stay on the water all over the world, so we do not discover any ‘hot water’, but only open the possibility to enjoy your stay on the Adriatic in the same way.”, Sebastian Selan, director and one of the founders of the company 3maran, told Glas Istre. Floating houses are a project of the Slovenian company 3maran, whose “sea” apartments are already part of the offer in the marina Punat on Krk, Slovenian Portorož and Italian Rimini. From now on, cottages are also available in Marina Veruda, where the first four, out of a total of ten planned, floating apartments, have been set up in recent days. Source / photo: Glas Istre; 3maran In Pula Marina Veruda, a new tourist offer was presented – floating houses. Namely, these are apartments that allow their visitors to rest on the sea surface, and with the complete comfort they would have in facilities on the coast, reports Glas Istre. In any case, this is an interesting tourist product with which Marina Veruda expands its offer, and floating houses will surely attract the interest of many visitors to Pula and the Veruda Channel. Floating house in Marina Veruda / Photo: 3maran He adds that the trend of living, and even living, in floating houses is already recognized around the world. “In the canals of Amsterdam, on the Danube in Vienna or on the river Seine in the middle of Paris, this has been a common thing for a very long time and it was actually very easy to imagine a similar story on the Adriatic coast. Before entering the entrepreneurial waters, I was the director of the marina in Portorož for seven years, and it was in that marina that we completed our first project, ie in 2016 we set up the first floating houses. Today, there are a total of 41 such houses and their occupancy is 95 percent in the summer months, or about 65 percent throughout the year because the climate allows it. After that, we realized the project in Italy, ie the marina Portoverde in Rimini, and our first floating houses in Croatia were set up two years ago in the marina Punat on the island of Krk”, Explained Selan.last_img