first_imgThere are also various other factors, from fear of travel, declining spending and financial power, lack of vacations, etc.… Measures are slowly being planned or are already being relaxed in each country, which means there will be a strong narrative of each country (buy and travel locally) in order to start the local economy as soon as possible, which is currently an imperative. It is in this segment that the Germans are very much aware of the need to strengthen the local economy. Of course, one should be aware and realistic, until a vaccine or cure is found, we cannot expect a recovery in tourism, which will surely last from that moment for 2-3 years. In the current situation, we also cannot expect large tourist traffic and tourist activity, but we should certainly look at it and be optimistic, ie do our best to catch some tourist traffic. That is why we need to react quickly and be ready, listen to the situation in every market and be proactive. Of course, to emphasize once again, one should be optimistic and do everything to activate the tourist market, as always, but one should also be aware of the realistic framework. This tourist year needs to be crossed, at least when it comes to some big tourist numbers, and if the situation gives us a chance, of course we need to embrace it and do everything in our power. But also our long coast has too many places and coves for distance as well as smaller tourist destinations. Certainly the demand will be for houses and villas with swimming pools, especially those in rural areas and away from city centers, as well as active holidays and the interior. Certainly, such texts and advertisements in the most widely read and extremely influential German newspapers are a big plus. And just a great foundation, if and when the situation is further improved in an optimistic scenario, to direct promotional budgets to save from the tourist season what to save that. / / / A VIEW FROM GERMANY: IF YOU TRAVEL ACROSS BORDERS AT ALL, THE GOAL WILL BE A EUROPEAN COUNTRY But we must also be aware of the question of when and if it will open borders. As Capak recently stated, borders will be opened only if the situation in other countries is stable, ie if it is better than in our country. Certainly, regional travel will be in trend in the coming years, not so far from your home. Here, as a car destination, we certainly have an advantage. Also, after more than a month of quarantine, self-isolation, psychological fear and negative news, of course, everyone has a very strong desire to travel, to finally “breathe”. But what will be the real rational desire to travel when it comes during that time we will see. One is desire and the other is reality. However, fear is the strongest and the main opponent of tourism. / / / GERMANY AS OUR MAIN BROADCASTING MARKET, RECOVERY EXPECTED ONLY IN AUGUST OR SEPTEMBER Also, in addition to Bild, today it is German state television ZDF in the morning program reported on Croatia, and they released and staff from the new CNTB campaign #CroatiaLongDistanceLove. BILD: So will Croatia leave our vacation Factors that will play a role Prema article the most widely read German newspaper picture, Croatia is one of eight countries that German tourists could visit this summer. This fear is further expressed for families with children. And that’s why it’s important to be close to some hospital center, and the islands in this story are extra risky, because of the distance and without a direct road connection to the mainland. Despite the uncertain situation in which it is not known whether tourist trips can be realized, Bild singled out eight countries that could be desirable destinations for German tourists this summer, namely: Croatia, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Tunisia, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. Namely, Bild believes that these countries have responded well to the pandemic and that they could be ready for the arrival of tourists by the summer. The situation is changing from day to day, and we should react accordingly. At the moment, no one can say for sure what the weather will be like in September, and how the whole coronavirus situation will develop. Admittedly, epidemiologists expect a second wave of spread sometime in September, but for now, scientists and epidemiologists from around the world still have too many questions and assumptions and too few answers. / / / ISLIVING THE MOOD OF AUSTRIAN TOURISTS AND THE IMPACT ON THE SUMMER SEASON IN CROATIA Until May 03, a warning to citizens not to travel abroad is in force in Germany, and by the end of April it will be decided whether the recommendations will be extended. Certainly, Switzerland and Austria are also counting on German tourists, who in the context of the current need for social distance, active vacation, nature, ecology have a strong trump card. As well as the fact that the destinations are closer than us. BILD: Wo man im sommer trotz Corona Urlaub machen kann Also, Bild ranked the chances of tourist trips in these countries, and Croatia and Greece are in the category of “good chances”. Austria and Switzerland are in the “very likely” holiday category, while other countries are in the “likely” category. It is stated that Croatia introduced strict measures in the fight against the virus in a timely manner, which was a good decision that paid off. Director of the CNTB in Germany Romeo Draghicchio believes that in Croatia there are many accommodations in which it is possible to maintain a distance between guests. “Croatia is in a good position due to its accessibility by car via Austria and Slovenia, and if these countries open their borders, air flights are also possible.Draghiccho points out. last_img