first_imgWe are predicting you won’t be doing that much gaming on the day you receive your Wii U as it seems it requires some time-consuming setup. It has been confirmed that Nintendo’s new console will be getting a system update on release day. This is required to grant you access to the eShop, Miiverse, Wii U Chat, and Nintendo TVii, although it is currently unclear if this patch will be adding more than just access to those services. It’s also unknown how big this patch is or how long it takes to install.Not only is there a patch, but you’ll also want to create your new Nintendo Network ID. Yes, finally Nintendo has gotten rid of its friend code system in exchange for proper network IDs similar to what Microsoft and Sony use. Before you even do that though, you need to set up a user account. You can have up to 12 user accounts on one Wii U, which should be more than enough for most families. After you’ve done that, you create your Mii and then finally, your ID. To set up an ID, you’ll need to provide a password, your date of birth, gender, where you live, and finally an email address. Creating an ID allows you to buy things off the eShop, use the Miiverse, and use the video chat service, all after you’ve patched your console, of course.In the future, your Nintendo Network ID will be used in conjunction with other Nintendo hardware and Nintendo also plans to bring the ID system to PCs and smartphones. So it looks likely gamers will be able to access the eShop and Miiverse on non-Nintendo devices, too.It’s not a big deal for a console to have a day one patch, but it shows that Nintendo has faced a bit of a struggle getting features and services ready for launch day. If you don’t hook the console up to the Internet then you may just be able to start gaming (although the game discs could also carry a patch). But chances are you can expect to be watching one or more updates and console restarts being done before play can commence. Hopefully we’re not talking hours here, and hopefully Nintendo’s servers can handle the load.via IGN and Kotakulast_img