first_img Top Movies and TV Panels to Keep on Your Radar for SDCC 2019’The Flash’ Season 5 Finale Recap: 2 Big Bads and 1 Pre-Crisis Stay on target After months of teasing and slow, painfully somber TV episodes, we finally know who Savitar is. Though it took way too long to get to this point, at least it came at the end of a good episode. After last week injected a sense of hope back into this series, last night’s show rode that momentum to create one of the more fun episodes we’ve had in a while. Most of that has to do with Killer Frost. She’s been a great villain ever since we first saw her Earth-2 version last season. Now that the Caitlin we know and love has become her, she’s so much more interesting.This happened before, back in the first half of the season when Caitlin’s powers first took over her mind. That only lasted one episode though, and science cuffs had her back to normal. Now that she’s teamed up with Savitar getting Caitlin back isn’t going to be easy. Killer Frost is interesting because The Flash can’t fight her the way he does other rogues. Underneath all that ice, she’s still their friend. They don’t want to hurt her; they want to help her. It creates a dilemma for the whole team when she tries to kill them. In this episode especially, Vibe couldn’t bring himself to use his powers against her.That’s really what this episode was about: Vibe learning how to be a superhero. He needed to learn that sometimes saving someone’s life requires him to do things he’s afraid to do. He needed to learn that he can and will have to control his powers. Why him? Well, given what we now know about Savitar, Cisco might have to take on more of a leading role for the final three episodes of the season. We’ll get to that later.Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon (Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)The other reason Killer Frost makes such a great villain on The Flash is that her powers look so cool. Ice abilities translate to the screen really well and make for fantastically fun fight scenes. It also helped that they waited a few scenes to have her show up. At the beginning, Julian is angry that nobody has been able to find her yet, and they’re all concentrating on other things. At this point, it’s obvious she’s going to make an appearance, but we have no idea when. It’s not until the team is focused on something else entirely that we even see the hint of her presence. The team finds Tracy Brand, the doctor who created a way to imprison Savitar in the future. Well, she’s not a doctor yet. For now, she’s a failed Ph.D. candidate whose research was laughed out of the room. While the team is trying to convince her not to burn everything and work in fast food, a cloud of telltale frost appears on the glass.The first fight scene is brief, but like all the action sequences in this episode, it’s well-put-together and exciting as hell. There’s an especially cool trick Barry pulls where he snaps his fingers and using the spark to create a flamethrower out of a butane torch. Didn’t realize that was possible. From here on out, the story becomes about protecting Tracy from Killer Frosts repeated attacks, and convincing her to create the Savitar trap early. This all leads to my favorite fight scene of the entire episode. Watching Killer Frost fly between buildings, sliding on her own ice path, while the Flash chases her up buildings will never not be cool.Anne Dudek as Tracy Brand (Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)Tracy also appears to be a love interest for H.R. Bonding over their shared love of coffee; he awkwardly flirts in a way that adds some levity and humor to the episode. H.R. is one of the better additions to the show this season has made, and it was fun watching these two outsiders fall in like with each other. I wish I could say the same for Joe’s relationship storyline this week. With so much else going on in this episode, the Joe/Cecile plot felt like an afterthought. Maybe if this had come in an earlier episode, they could have spent more time on it and made it matter. As it is, every time the two of them were on screen, I wondered why we were focusing on them. Especially since she just unceremoniously brought into the fold. We didn’t even get to see her reaction to learning the identities of Flash and Kid Flash. (Speaking of, is this all we’re going to do with his inter-dimensional relationship? Just ship him off to a different universe whenever you can’t find room for him in the script. That’s messed up, CW.)The point of all the love going around in this episode is to make Savitar’s identity click in Barry’s mind. He starts thinking about who he would be without love, and it all comes back to him. This scene could have been cool, but they drag it out even more. If the show had just let the answer click with Barry and trusted the audience to piece it together on our own, it would have been a cool reveal. Instead, we got a drawn out montage of every clue we’ve seen so far. I hate it when TV shows and movies do this. Please, have a little faith in your audience. Nonetheless, we finally see the truth. Savitar is none other than future Barry Allen. Without Iris, the circa-2005 Green Day hair apparently took root in Barry’s brain, and now we have Savitar.Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost (Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)As mishandled as the reveal was, Savitar being future-Barry is an interesting twist on the evil speedster thing the show has been doing for three seasons now. Barry having to face himself opens up all sorts of cool stories the show could explore. Which only goes to show they should have revealed his identity sooner. Had they not put off this reveal for so long, it might have been the big shock they were going for. Had it not dragged the season into an endless spiral of interminable sadness, maybe our reaction would have been more than, “FINALLY!” When Barry says he knows who Savitar is, and Savitar says “It’s about time,” I’m right there with him. Yeah, it is about time, this mystery ran out of steam a month and a half ago.At least now, the show can move on to finding a way to defeat him. Thanks to Tracy, they’ve already made some progress on that. Having Barry fight his future self should open up a lot of interesting places for this story to go. I only wish they left themselves more than three episodes to explore them. Plus, as I said before, it is likely going to be Vibe’s time to shine very soon. Since Savitar remembers everything Barry does, Cisco might be the only person who can surprise him. There’s a reason this whole episode was about him learning to use his powers against a friend. Final thought: I just realized that now, season three of The Flash is essentially the Zelda II of the series. It’s not as fun as its predecessor, and it ends with the protagonist fighting a dark version of himself. Maybe that means season four will be The Flash‘s Link to the Past?last_img