first_img Finally, KFC Makes A Colonel Sanders Dating GameKFC Tests Plant-Based Beyond Fried Chicken in Atlanta Stay on target KFC has delicious fried chicken. I live in Kentucky and can attest to this, though it really matters if the chicken is fresh or not. I imagine, weirdly enough, that KFC Hong Kong may have better chicken given their awesome advertising campaigns. KFC Hong Kong has teamed up with Ogilvy Hong Kong, an ad agency, to release a set of striking and unique ads for the new line of Hot & Spicy fried chicken. The result is a hilarious mixture of delicious chicken and energetic photos that use chicken Photoshopped to look like explosions and other sorts of firestorms.If you edit a bunch of fried chicken, as many graphic designers will know, using the right lighting and photo magic, you can make it look just like a gnarly firestorm. It’s all the crispy skin on the chicken that comes together to do it, so you’ll end up with an explosion from a rocket, a race car, or many other things. Just look at this kind of genius and you’ll see what I mean.No, that’s not fire shooting out of the end of the rocket as it lifts into space. It’s chicken. Yummy chicken. Spicy chicken. But don’t put your mouth on it since you might breathe in a bunch of rocket fuel particles. That’s not exhaust27 and fire coming out the back of that race car, either. Nope. It’s chicken too. Were you really expecting something else?This unique ad campaign will certainly ensure you want to try a piece of the new spicy chicken, at least if you live in the area, so chalk one up to Ogilvy Hong Kong for taking one of the most interesting internet trends out there and flipping it to make sense as an ad campaign. Big ups! Can you make your own set of copycat ads using Photoshop? Make sure you share them with us!center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img