first_imgDo you want a sixth sense? No, not the ability to read minds, but another way to perceive the world beyond sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell? The ambitious transhumanists at Cyborg Nest have the tech for you. Artificial Senses is the company’s line of implants designed to enhance your perception of reality. The debut product, North Sense, turns you into a human compass.Cyborg Nest’s description is a little more poetic. North Sense connects would-be posthumans to the Earth’s magnetic field, letting them feel the flow of space and the “ancient sense of direction.” You don’t even have to cut yourself open or take any drugs to make it work. Instead, you attach a tiny, almost drone-shaped external device to your skin. Cyborg Next recommends hiring a professional body piercer to anchor North Sense under your collarbone, but any area will do. The company estimates the final implant won’t exceed 2.5cm.Now that you’re evolved, you’ll be able to sense Magnetic North based on North Sense’s vibrations. It pairs with an app and requires no internet connection. However, it does eventually need to be recharged and can be thrown off by interfering magnetic forces like any compass. Magnets, how do they work? When North Sense isn’t vibrating it should feel comfortable against your skin due to its silicone components and air flow accommodations.You can pre-order North Sense now for £250 ($367). The initial 2,000 units should ship in September. What will Cyborg Nest’s next Artificial Sense be? An implant that lets you smell success? A device that lets you feel the heat of the moment? This is how we get to Deus Ex’s Mechanical Apartheid.last_img