first_imgIt’s here. Hours after yet another leak of Destiny news, Bungie has released the official trailer for Rise of Iron, the next major expansion. It’s as glorious as we hoped.Confirmed for a release date of September 20, just over two years after Destiny’s original release, Rise of Iron will focus on Lord Saladin taking his wolves to fight the enemies beyond the wall in Old Russia. This is an all-new setting called The Plaguelands, an area near the Cosmodrome that was quarantined for centuries and thought to be safe. This new faction called the Devil Splicers have broken down the wall and found old tech in the ruins, harnessing it to transform the area for their nefarious needs.This is a Fallen army, but they’re almost unrecognizable from their southern brothers and sisters. Don’t expect a simple reskinning- these Devil Splicers are warped and seem mechanically enhanced, with electric peg legs and knives at the ready.  Much like The Taken it appears that these Splicers will warp into areas, this time in a blaze of electric red light. Could this mean they infect other areas of the game? Let’s hope.But besides this brand new zone, perhaps most exciting thing for longtime players is the return of everyone’s favorite weapon, the Gjallarhorn. They’re really going hard with this wolf theme!As any Destiny diehard knows, the Gjallarhorn is an exotic rocket launcher that is covered in engraven wolves, and was probably the most coveted weapon in Year One. It features upgrades like enemy tracking, wolfpack rounds (basically cluster missiles), and proximity detonation, which makes the rocket blow up when it nears someone. All of that combined to make a nearly unstoppable rocket launcher… or at least it used to be. When The Taken King released last year it was nowhere to be found, and since you weren’t able to upgrade the gun in Year Two, players were left to look elsewhere for even greater firepower.But it’s back in black, as the trailer is sure to state. If you pre-order the expansion you will get the Iron Gjallarhorn, a reskinned version of the almighty special weapon. Read the fine print however and you’ll note that you’ll only receive the weapon after completing an in-game quest for it, the same as everyone else. The quest will involve you actually forging a brand new weapon from the armor of fallen heroes. At least it doesn’t involve having to consume Red Bull.But otherwise the trailer reveals much of what we already knew. We’re going to have a new campaign, new raid, new strike, new social space, a “significant light increase”, etc. You can even get some nifty new wolf armor!Here’s some more details, straight from Bungie-New Social Space: Felwinter Peak-From their mountain fortress atop Felwinter Peak, the Iron Lords onceranged across the planet, battling the Darkness and protecting the survivors of the Collapse. After the Iron Lords fell, so too was their fortress reclaimed. Now, new Guardians must make the icy climb to reclaim the snowy mountaintop that looks out onto The Plaguelands, and establish a new base of operations in the fight against the Fallen Devil Splicers. New Enemy Faction-Every Fallen House has Splicers – body hackers and bioengineers who fuse metal and flesh – but The Devil Splicers have uncovered the ultimate technology, SIVA, a Golden Age breakthrough in self-assembling, self-replicating nano-technology. The Fallen have always worshiped machine gods, now, armed with SIVA, the Devil Splicers are becoming machine gods themselves. Confront the Fallen Devil Splicers in The Plaguelands, find the source of the SIVA outbreak, and contain it at any cost. New Six-Player Raid-Deep below the earth lies the true source of the SIVA outbreak, guarded by the most zealous and powerful Fallen Devil Splicers. Six Guardians will plumb the depths to stop the threat at its source. Should they emerge victorious, they will return to the surface wielding powerful new SIVA weapons and armor. All of this will run you $30, and again, this is PS4 and Xbox One only. September is when you will fire up those dormant Destiny accounts once again.last_img