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The government "deliberately dilutes the capacity of opposition parties to win office, Manpreet was leading the way with a powerful display just short of the Aussie striking circle. a political science professor at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and co-author of Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings and Constitutional Change a book about the history of Supreme Court confirmation hearings “This was possibly the most controversial Supreme Court nomination in American history The allegations of sexual assault are obviously exceptionally serious but so are the allegations of perjury And there seems to be fairly substantial evidence that at a minimum he misled the judiciary committee And so having a justice on the Supreme Court who misled the committee it doesn’t look good for Kavanaugh and it doesn’t look good for the Supreme Court” Answers about how Justice Kavanaugh will respond will play out over his lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court Kavanaugh is 53 years old The political implications will likely be found at the polls in the upcoming midterm elections on Nov 6 The country will soon learn whether the controversy will rally President Donald Trump’s conservative base or women and sexual assault survivors who felt they were ignored through the confirmation process or both groups Most immediately however Senators were in nearly unanimous agreement that the chamber needs to heal the partisan rancor that reached a fever pitch over the last month “Without more effort to respect each other to hear each other to work across the aisle the Senate as an institution cannot be the legislative vibrant core of our republic” Delaware Sen Chris Coons who sits on the Judiciary Committee and was instrumental in working with Arizona Sen Jeff Flake on pushing for an additional FBI investigation said on Friday Kavanaugh’s razor thin confirmation vote was the narrowest margin in recent American history A confirmation vote hasn’t been so precarious since Justice Clarence Thomas who was confirmed 52-48 in 1991 after Anita Hill came forward with sexual harassment allegations Throughout Kavanaugh’s confirmation Democratic lawmakers and progressive activists repeatedly invoked Thomas’ confirmation suggesting that nothing had changed for women in nearly three decades Irrespective of their claims there was one clear difference between Kavanaugh and Thomas’ confirmation battles: the divisions in the chamber “What I’ve been dealing with since July 10th the downhill slope that Schumer’s put us on we’re really dealing with a demolition derby” Sen Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley said this past Thursday “This has been my ninth Supreme Court hearing and I must say I’ve never seen anything like this” California Sen Dianne Feinstein the ranking member on the Judiciary Committee who was elected into office a year after HIll’s testimony said on the Senate floor Friday Ruth Bader Ginsburg who was confirmed 96-3 25 years ago was even lamenting the tensions before Ford came forward "The Republicans move in lockstep and so do the Democrats” she said at an event at George Washington University last month “I wish I could wave a magic wand and bring it back to the way it was" When Thomas was confirmed by that narrow margin in 1991 it was considered an anomaly Supreme Court confirmation processes were’t considered sources of partisan infighting; they were mundane Senate procedures Anthony Kennedy the outgoing justice Kavanaugh will be replacing was confirmed 97-0 three years before Thomas But as Washington became increasingly divisive Supreme Court nominations gradually followed suit Samuel Alito was confirmed 58-42 in 2005; Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed 68-31 in 2009; Elena Kagan was confirmed 63-37 in 2010 One reason for the bipartisan support for Supreme Court nominees was that confirmation in the Senate still required 60 votes But in 2017 Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell changed the rules to require 51 votes for confirmation in order to ensure the passage of Justice Neil Gorsuch whose nomination came from Trump despite the Supreme Court seat coming open near the end of President Barack Obama’s term when Justice Antonin Scalia But even Gorsuch was confirmed with the support of three Democratic Senators Kavanaugh had just one Democrat Part of these divisions were due to circumstances beyond Kavanaugh’s control Even before Ford came forward alleging that he had sexually assaulted her when they were teenagers he was already facing an intensely partisan Senate Kennedy was often a swing vote on a Supreme Court divided between four liberal justices and four conservative justices with Kennedy often a swing vote on key issues like abortion and gay marriage Kennedy’s retirement meant that Republicans had a chance to tilt the court rightward for a generation Democrats buoyed by anger from McConnell’s refusal to hold a hearing on Merrick Garland after Scalia’s death were determined to stop them Confident that the balance of power in the Senate could shift after the November midterms Democrats did not want these confirmation hearings to be imminent “I will oppose him with everything I’ve got” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said the morning after Trump nominated Kavanaugh in July Schumer held true to his word but Kavanaugh’s nomination didn’t truly seem in doubt until the sexual misconduct allegations surfaced READ MORE: How Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony Changed America With Kavanaugh’s confirmation now a done deal Republicans clearly want the FBI investigation to be in the rearview mirror “What I’d like to do because this is almost rock bottom I would like to have the future mending things so we can do things in a collegial way that the United States Senate ought to do particularly when it comes to Supreme Court nominations” Grassley said Thursday when asked if he would take any potential action against Ford’s legal team To be sure the Senate was still legislating on a bipartisan basis even as lawmakers attacked each other This week alone the chamber almost unanimously passed sweeping legislation addressing the opioid crisis and a bill reauthorizing funding for the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) for the next five years For some lawmakers these bills were proof that the chamber could ultimately recover from the divisiveness of the past month “The Senate’s not very big” Missouri Republican Sen Roy Blunt said Friday “It’s a matter of figuring out of how to find what you can agree with somebody on and move forward on that There are clearly some hurt feelings here … I think we’ll move on but it will take a while” McConnell was also dismissive of the idea this would do lasting damage "These things always blow over" he said in a news conference after the vote Notably however these achievements were completely overshadowed by the partisan infighting Members on the Senate Judiciary Committee went back and forth over the details of the FBI investigation with Democrats calling the process a “sham” and Republicans arguing that Democrats would never be satisfied McConnell the Senate Majority Leader repeatedly said on the Senate floor that Democrats were using the allegations as fodder for delay leading Schumer to all but accuse him of lying “It is a blatant falsehood” Schumer said of McConnell’s remarks this past Wednesday “Im so tempted to use the L-word but hes my friend” That friendship was rarely if ever on display this past week While Republicans may be pleased with the outcome of the process the actual steps to get there seemed to leave the entire chamber exhausted frustrated and unsure how to recover “If this is not rock bottom I wouldn’t want to be in my business” South Carolina Republican Sen Lindsey Graham who voted for both of Obama’s Supreme Court nominees and was an outspoken supporter of Kavanaugh said on Thursday after the FBI report came out Notably the two key Republican swing votes on Kavanagh Collins and Alaska Sen Lisa Murkowski devoted large sections of their floor speeches Friday to lamenting partisan division “We have come to the conclusion of a confirmation process that has become so dysfunctional it looks more like a caricature of a gutter-level political campaign than a solemn occasion” Collin said at the top of her 44-minute speech that concluded with her announcing her support of Kavanaugh “Our Supreme Court confirmation process has been in steady decline for more than 30 years” she continued “One can only hope that the Kavanaugh nomination is where the process has finally hit rock bottom” About four hours later Murkowski delivered her speech She had reached a different conclusion than Collins earlier in the day she had voted against the procedural motion to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination (She voted present on Saturday to allow her colleague Montana Sen Steve Daines to attend his daughter’s wedding) But when she spoke about her disappointment with the Senate she was firmly in the same camp as Collins “We must do better as a legislative branch” she said at the beginning of her speech “We have a moral obligation to do better than this” Write to Alana Abramson at [email protected]’s that time in the election cycle when presidential hopefuls get coy about making a decision But that means it’s getting harder for a likely candidate to pretend that they’re not interested in being the leader of the free world One way to do that By arguing that being president isn’t all it’s cracked up to be Here’s how some potential 2016 candidates have been knocking the presidency Being President is Too Stressful Ben Carson: "Im not sure that anybody wants to put themselves in that kind of horrible and stressful situation that has never been a goal of mine" (POLITICO) Hillary Clinton: “Ive known a lot of presidents over the course of the last many decades . they’re all good people. you disowned your brother. but he said it also will help customers build familiarity and comfort with other cultures. was virtually 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