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She hammered home that she would encourage early childhood education and work to make college more affordable. through a process known as mining, in a part of the country that was just starting to take notice.His answer to Rahul Gandhi’s borrowed slogan from social media—’vikas pagal ho gaya hai'(development has gone crazy)—was in Gujarati which translated in English would mean “we are development we are Gujarat” File image of Narendra Modi PTI Modi knows that in Gujarat he needed to speak in Gujarati But then he also knew that the whole nation would be watching his speech’s live telecast and they would want to understand the kind of narrative he would be building for an election which matters the most to him in terms of his personal aura So for the better part of his speech he spoke in Hindi When he intended to communicate directly with small manufacturers traders and businessmen in the state and address their concerns on GST and demonetisation he spoke in Gujarati He knew that GST is an issue with a section of people who incidentally used to be hardcore BJP supporters and he needed to address their concerns Recently he made remedial changes in the existing GST structure In the Gandhinagar rally he assured that more remedial measures are in offing Thus at one level Modi was trying to win over an influential section of Gujarati society and at another level he was invoking Gujarati sub-nationalism with an eye on the larger audience in the state He repeatedly reminded them how the Congress since the time of Jawaharlal Nehru had been averse to the progress of Gujarat He claimed that the party and its leaders were of an anti-Gujarat mindset The prime minister then lampooned Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for his statement ‘iss jawab ka sawal chahiye’ (need question to this answer) Modi said he can have an answer to a question solution to a problem but can’t have a problem to a solution or a question to an answer To drive home his point that Nehru was anti-Gujarat and anti-Sardar Patel Modi went on to claim that Jawaharlal Nehru had laid the foundation stone of the Narmada water project but never allowed it to be completed simply because the project was initially conceived by Sardar Patel One must imagine the benefits to the state if this project had been completed 50 years ago He added that he had to face great difficulties when as the chief minister he began focusing on the Narmada-Sardar Sarovar project Modi sought to convey the message that the Congress was and continues to be afraid of BJP and its earlier avatar Jana Sangh He pointed out the other irony of the Congress – the party general secretary in-charge for Gujarat is former Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot As chief minister Ashok Gehlot had tried to block water supply to north Gujarat even when it was pointed out to him that the water which could be given to Gujarat was otherwise going to be drained in the sea But Gehlot was unrelenting Modi made it a point to tell his audience that same Gehlot is today the Congress’s chief strategist for Gujarat another indicator that the Congress never liked progress of this state Modi is aware that a substantive section of the population in the state takes pride in him as one of their own in the Prime Minister’s chair He played his time tested card – playing the victim and the hero in one go In came the victimhood “When I was chief minister they (Congress) would play all sorts of dirty tricks They thought they can’t lay their hands on Modi till they put Amit Shah behind bars…Look at the situation today—where they are and where we are” Modi alleged that when the Congress failed to bring any substantive charge against the BJP it went back to playing the communal and casteist card He claimed that the Congress even called names to development "The Congress can’t fight elections on a development plank It does not have guts to do that We focus on development and they focus on nepotism” What would hurt Congress even more was Modi’s reminder that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are out on bail in a corruption (National Herald) case He said that the Congress is a ‘zamanati’ (on bail) party which embraces convicted leaders (the likes of Lalu Prasad Yadav) and leaders out on bail in corruption cases (the likes of Kanimozhi) As Modi concluded his speech he reminded the audience that he would be back in his home state on 22 October on the Gujarati new year to inaugurate his “dream” development project for the Saurashtra region One of newborns’ biggest vulnerabilities is largely invisible: In the weeks after birth babies are especially susceptible to infection because their immune systems aren’t fully functional There are a handful of theories to explain this liability and now a research team has added a new one to the list: Immune suppression in early life might help prevent inflammation in the infants’ intestines as they become colonized by the helpful bacteria they need to stay healthy Newborns are more likely than older babies to catch and die from serious infections The reason is fuzzy—indeed there may be more than one explanation One theory is that much like their brains their lungs and the rest of their bodies infants’ immune systems just haven’t fully matured yet Another is that both mothers-to-be and their in utero companions have suppressed immune systems so that neither rejects the other After birth the thinking goes it takes babies a month or so to boost their immunity Seeking new ways to better understand this process Sing Sing Way a pediatric infectious disease doctor at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio wondered whether transferring immune cells from adults might rev up their immune systems Yet when he and his colleagues injected infection-fighting cells from the spleens of adult mice into 6-day-old pups nothing happened: The pups were just as vulnerable to harmful bacteria as control animals Probing more deeply into this surprise they found that the injected cells simply stopped functioning in the newborn animals Then Way’s group did the reverse transplant—they gave adult mice newborn immune cells that were inactivated in the pups and found that they “turned on” in the mature animals These experiments “told us it wasn’t a problem with the neonatal cells themselves” Way says Rather he believes the environment—either a newborn body or an adult one—guided how the cells behaved Others in Way’s lab study the gut microbiome the constellation of healthy bacteria that populates our intestines Newborn mice just like human babies are born “clean” with little intestinal bacteria Very rapidly that changes Way wondered whether there might be some connection between this colonization and what looked like a purposeful suppression of the immune system in his mice To find out his group focused on immune cells that eventually develop into red blood cells and that express a surface receptor called CD71 which causes immune suppression of other cells Knocking out about 60% of these CD71 cells—as many as their technology could manage—was followed by significant inflammation in the intestines of the mouse pups Way and his colleagues also found that as the mice grew fewer and fewer cells boasted CD71 receptors suggesting the suppression wasn’t needed He theorizes that that’s because the gut has been colonized by that point The work reported online today in Nature “adds a new and very important chapter” to the story of how the immune system develops says Mike McCune an immunologist at the University of California San Francisco Immune suppression at least in newborn mice appears to reflect a purposeful shift in the balance of immune cells The concept is definitely a plausible one agrees Heather Jaspan a pediatric infectious disease specialist and immunologist at the University of Cape Town and at Seattle BioMed in Washington She wonders about other cell types in addition to those with CD71 receptors that might play a role “It would be interesting to follow this up with more cause and effect studies” she says to nail down definitively that specific immune suppression allows bacteria to colonize the gut without harming a newborn One big caveat is whether what Way’s team observed will hold up in human babies A baby’s immune system develops differently than that of a mouse and Way is interested in looking for CD71 cells in babies born around their due date as well as those born prematurely Very premature infants often die of a condition called necrotizing enterocolitis a massive inflammation of the intestines Way and McCune wonder if that’s driven partly by a lack of CD71 cells in these babies—if essentially their immune systems are still fetal not ready for the natural colonization of gut bacteria that happens after they’re born In theory—and far in the future—say the researchers preemies could receive immune cells that would make their immune system more like a full-term baby’s allowing their guts to stay healthy 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