first_imgThe Oil Search Games Relay continued its 100 days journey throughout the country with both schools among hundreds visited so far in the past 92 days.The students at Sogeri welcomed the baton with a marching band and later ran the baton around the school while wearing their house colors red, green, blue and yellow.Principal Kive Kererembo thanked the Relay team for visiting the school as many of the students come from other parts of the country.On behalf of the students, the principal conveyed their best wishes to Team PNG, encouraging them to win more medals.The baton then made its way to neighbouring school Iarowari High where the students welcomed the team with a war cry and sang their school theme song.They then lined up around the school oval as the baton was passed on to students to touch.They were proud to be part of the Relay and also passed their well wishes to Team PNG.last_img