first_img1. Hit the pavement: There is no better way to explore a new city or tropical destination than by throwing on your runners and taking to the streets. Get into the fresh air, see the sights and take in the smells and sounds of somewhere new.2. Take the stairs: Ditch the elevator of your hostel and use the stairs each time you get back to your room. A sure way to spike your heart rate and get the legs and booty firing a few times a day!3. Go prepared: Pack some light equipment in your suitcase so you’re all prepared for those cheeky hostel room workouts. I always travel with resistance bands, a skipping rope and a set of core sliders.4. Get outside: Scope your holiday destination for sets of stairs, sports ovals or running tracks. Sprinting up stairs or the length of an oval can be an extremely quick and efficient way to get a great workout in when you’re on the road.5. Keep it fun: Incidental exercise counts too! Think paddle boarding, surf lessons, bike riding, kayaking, dancing and hiking. Sometimes the best workouts are the ones you don’t even realise you’re doing!6. Walk when you can: It can be easy to fall into the habit of hailing a taxi for short trips when you’re in holiday mode, but keep exploring and walk it out instead!7. Commit to be fit: Promise yourself to aim for at least 15-20 minutes of exercise each day. Feeling strong, energised and healthy will ensure that you make the absolute most of your time away.8. Use what you’ve got: Chairs, tables and steps can make excellent workout props! Almost every hostel room will have a chair at the very least. Think tricep dips, incline pushups, step ups, split lunges, box jumps and the list goes on.9. Don’t forget your supplements: Dining at new restaurants and tasting new foods is one of the most anticipated parts of any trip! As great as it is to relax on a regular eating regime, it is still important to keep up your basic nutrition to ensure you feel 100% on your trip. I always pack my protein powder, greens and personal supplements to ensure that I am still hitting all of my nutritional targets.10. Your body is a gym: Your own body is all that you need to create an incredible workout! Burpees, squat jumps, pushups, planks and lunges are all effective movements that don’t require much space and provide a lot of bang for their buck. Aussieshostelssurveytravellersyouth travel IMAGE: @vladi_krascenter_img Hostelworld’s latest survey of 1,500 Aussies, aged 18-65+, has revealed that Australian travellers are right into immersive cultural experiences and, contrary to popular belief, are losing interest in traditional holiday must-do activities like tanning (two per cent) and partying (three per cent). 55 per cent of the survey’s respondents rated experiencing a new culture as a primary motivator for going on holiday.59 per cent said their runners were must-pack items, alongside the essential pair of thongs (62 per cent). 44 per cent of respondents said they typically try to eat healthily when on holiday, and 16 per cent seek out holidays that are ‘active’. Cycling (31 per cent), yoga (32 per cent), and deep sea diving (24 per cent) are among the top activities Aussies want to try on holiday – and 41 per cent of men said they were willing to practise yoga on holiday, compared with just 24 per cent of women.Hostelworld has teamed up with personal trainer and body positivity ambassador, Ashley Freeman (@ashleymfreeman), to provide top tips on keeping fit with minimal equipment, while on holiday or travelling. Ten top tips for staying fit on holiday by Ashley Freemanlast_img read more